EPC Prices in Lancashire & Greater Manchester. There are lots of factors which can affect the cost of your epc certificate.

Are You Using A Local EPC Provider ? If the surveyor has to travel a long way to Lancashire & Greater Manchester then it is likely the epc certificate cost price you pay will be higher than it will be if you use our Local EPC Service.

Are you using a panel ? A panel is a service which advertises energy performance certificates but does not actually provide the EPC Certificate themselves. They are usually a booking service which adds a middle man fee to the price you pay to cover their costs.

Estate agents – often add a cost to the EPC Certificate as a standard administrative fee. Going direct through EPC Please means you are going straight to source and getting the best epc certificate cost price possible. The Energy Performance Certificate will be issued on the same day of inspection or within 24 hours.

That’s the EPC Please promise!

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